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Unleash the power of your will, and soar above the skies of fear, embracing your limitless potential.

How to use our Instant Food Warmer

In the midst of Alaskan wilderness watch Regan use the instant food warmer to heat our food for a sumptuous meal anytime anywhere

Your potential knows no bounds; rise above fears and limitations

The path to greatness and self discovery is paved with conquering fears and transcending self-imposed limitations

Revolutionize your meal prep with our self-heating packaging: Heat and Eat

With Backpacker Meal, enjoying a hot and delicious meal is as simple as connecting with the elements around you. Feel the rush of the flowing river as it brings your meal to the perfect temperature, all while surrounded by awe-inspiring landscapes.

Let true grit be your guiding star, leading you beyond all fears

Amidst trials, rise above limitations, and discover the fierce determination that resides within you

Power Your Journey with Backpacker Meal: Satisfy Your Hunger Anywhere

Experience the magic of combining outdoor adventure with mouthwatering flavors. Let nature be your kitchen and Backpacker Meal be your culinary companion.

Experience La Thuile, Valle d’Aosta, Italy with Backpacker Meal

Where ever your journey may take you Backpacker Meal is an essential Companion.


Hot Meal Anytime Anywhere

No need for bulky cookware or hassle-filled preparations. Simply heat, eat and get back to exploring the great outdoors!

How to use Instant Food Warmer

An Instant Food Warmer is a safe and non-toxic blend of chemicals inside a sealed and stitched non-woven fabric cloth that can be activated with any non-flammable liquid, preferably water. Watch this explainer video for more details.

How to use Instant food warmer